Even though Zoner Photo Studio can read information from various formats, it focuses primarily on the JPEG and TIFF formats. Within pictures of these formats, information can be stored in three types of so-called “data sources”—EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format), IPTC and XMP (eXtensible Metadata Platform). The options on this tab give you tighter control over these data sources. Zoner Photo Studio loads picture information into a cache. The cache information is reused until program exit. Thus certain changes to these settings are only respected after the program is restarted.

Primary Data Source sets which data source (which standard) should be given preference when loading picture information. This option does not affect the saving of information. Information is always saved to all supported sources. In light of the limitations of the EXIF and IPTC standards, encoding problems can occur when using Zoner Photo Studio in conjunction with other programs or web galleries. Therefore we recommend leaving the default, that is the XMP standard, which does not suffer these problems.

Default IPTC Encoding – use this to choose the default encoding for the IPTC information block, if the program is creating it. For full compatibility with older applications, leave the Current Code Page setting. For full support of all character sets, switch to UTF-8.

Preserve EXIF Maker Notes —besides publicly available information, digital cameras can also store information inside EXIF in private formats specific to the camera’s manufacturer. For the major camera manufacturers, Zoner Photo Studio can at least partially understand this information, and after loading the information in, it can save it back into pictures correctly. But if nonsensical data appears in the software supplied by your camera manufacturer for pictures edited in Zoner Photo Studio, try turning this option off.

Save keywords to EXIF notes— the EXIF specification does not set aside a space for storing keywords. For this reason, Zoner Photo Studio normally saves keywords to EXIF notes. Use this option to turn that behavior off.

Load in IPTC keywords —turn this option off if bad fragments appear among your keywords. This problem can occur when you are loading pictures on a computer with different Windows language settings than the ones used by the person who originally saved the information.

Save information for DNG images to an external XMP file – Zoner Photo Studio can save XMP information inside DNG files, but storing it externally is faster and is safer for the DNG file.

Click Custom Information to set up custom XMP data to meet your individual needs. You will most appreciate this ability if you are placing pictures in a company database or publishing system.