The Manager Module

The Manager is the foundation for organizing photos in Zoner Photo Studio. The Manager’s menus (available under the Menu button) are organized by what step in the typical photo workflow they represent – Acquire, Edit, Information, Organize, Create, Publish and View. Other chapters will cover these functions.

The modes in which the Manager can be displayed are shown on the top bar in the middle of the window: Ikona. MapIkona. BrowserIkona. Preview and Ikona. Full View. To quickly switch to Preview mode, double-click a picture. To quickly switch back, double-click the picture’s preview, or press Enter. To switch from Full View to the Browser, double-click the picture or press Shift+Enter

To work with these modes and with the Manager layout overall, use the View menu or the toolbar in the top center part of the Manager.

The left side of the Manager contains the Navigator, and the right-hand Side Panel shows pictures’ information.

More Information

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