Spring Update betaversion 2023 news

Build 440- released on 20th March 2023

  • other small fixes and improvements – Spring update release version

Build 439 – released on 17th March 2023

  • other small fixes and improvements

Build 438 – released on 14th March 2023

  • other small fixes and improvements

Build 436 – released on 13th March 2023

  • Video – the video project preview optimization
  • Second Monitor – the metadata tokens windows fixed
  • other small fixes and improvements

Build 435 – released on 10th March 2023

  • Video – adding text while adding transition fixed
  • Video – Position and Transformation – entering the negative parameter value fixed
  • App is not possible to close after opening the Contact Technical Support dialog fixed
  • other small fixes and improvements

Build 432 – released on 3rd March 2023

  • Color labels – missing purple label fixed
  • Develop – White balance change indicated when changing DCP profile fixed
  • Video – archiving project reverted when exiting Video module fixed
  • Video – audiotrack key points changes after cut fixed
  • Video – the overlapping of the active clip with the previous one fixed
  • Video – file usage number in the video project fixed
  • other small fixes and improvements

Build 430 – released on 3rd March 2023

  • Preferences – added notification after the change of color labels
  • Generating a System Information file – added notification
  • other small fixes and improvements

Build 429 – released on 1st March 2023

  • Develop – Lens Profiles automatic detection optimized and a notification added for profiles that only apply some corrections instead of all of them
  • Video – the position of extended tooltips optimized
  • Video – an error that claims the unsupported format of a video file removed
  • Develop – the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+mouse drag in Gradient filter and Radiant filter now creates a new mask with the parameters of the active mask
  • other small fixes and improvements

Build 428 – released on 24th February 2023

  • Develop – Lens Profiles automatic detection optimized
  • Develop – green channel demosaicing when the picture is blown out fixed (artifacts appeared)
  • Video – the options in Choose adjustments to copy menu fixed
  • Video – Extended tooltips and how they appear optimized
  • other small fixes and improvements

Build 427 – released on 22nd February 2023

  • Manager – Batch Filter – maximize window fixed
  • Print – Contact Sheets – the view and zoom optimized
  • Video – Keypoint renamed to Keyframe
  • Video – fixed when clip and text in different tracks linked after cut
  • Video – the audiotrack keyframing preview fixed
  • Video –  fixed that some parameters set to 0 when used in Keyframe
  • Video – more contrast blue color of the Keyframe dot
  • other small fixes and improvements

Build 426 – released on 17th February 2023

  • Manager – the missing histogram fixed
  • Develop – adding lens profile blurred some images
  • Develop – flashing sliders when changing values of Vignetting or Warp fixed
  • Video – audio track – non-responsive volume controls fixed
  • Video – Position and Transformation – the misplaced columns and sliders fixed
  • Video – Text – saving changes when other parameter changed via mouse scroll fixed
  • Video – Keypoints – the timeline/curve controls optimized
  • Video – audio track – the keypoints available on the timeline / curve
  • other small fixes and improvements

Spring Update Beta Version – build 425 – released on 6th February 2023

Develop Module

  • new Lens Profiles database integrated
    • LensFun – Supported Lenses
    • DNG converter not required
    • Automatically – from LensFun based on picture Metadata
    • Manually – from LensFun manually
    • From File – DNG LCP profiles or from any other source
  • Improved Demosaicing – better quality and details of Developed files
  • Change order of groups – re-shuffling of the Develop parameters available (via context menu on the section title/header)
  • Effects – Add Grain – new Brightness aware option for more natural grain in dark and light areas
  • Local adjustments tools – Masking optimized
    • a new mask can be created only via Add Mask button in the right tool panel
    • a new mask does not retain the last used parameters (use Duplicate mask)
  • Speed of Developing pictures optimized


Video Module

  • New Position and Transformation parameters – Scale, Position, Rotation, Pitch, Yaw, Crop
  • Keypoints (keyframing) – change of parameters between start and end point – easy animations and effects design
  • Option to link multiple clips on different tracks

Second Monitor [F10]

  • Improved Second Monitor – Preview and Browser now available
  • Second Preview available – independent from the primary Preview setting, e.g. zoom level
  • Second Monitor window can be moved freely
  • Optimized for monitors with different DPI


Improved support for video files, now newly available in Catalog:

  • Interactive Thumbnails – allows scrubbing upon thumbnail
  • Smart Video Previews – allows faster video files processing in Video module

Other Improvements

  • Preview Options – automatically moving to the next photo after assigning a Rating or Label now available
  • Browser – rotate now available on thumbnails
  • Preferences – General –  mouse wheel for parameters change can now be disabled (by default disabled)
    • when disabled – use SHIFT + mouse scroll for parameter change

Extended Tooltips

  • New extended tooltips in the Video module, on the main ZPS window and in the Manager module