The Filmstrip is the panel above the bottom edge of the program. It is available in every module of the program. In the Manager and Develop modules, it is only available in Preview, Map, and Full View modes. It is not available in Browser mode. 

You can show and hide the Filmstrip as needed. There are four ways to do this:

  1. By pressing F9.
  2. By clicking the thin strip at the bottom edge of the program.
  3. By clicking View | Filmstrip in the top menu.
  4. Clicking and holding the mouse near the program’s lower edge shows the Filmstrip, and moving the mouse outside the Filmstrip then hides it.

By default, the Filmstrip shows the files in the currently open folder. The files can be shifted horizontally. In the Manager, Develop, and Editor modules, the preview always shows the file that is active in the Filmstrip.

The top part of the Filmstrip shows a toolbar containing these items:

Ikona. Display and Sorting – opens a window with options for adjusting how files are displayed and sorted within a folder.
Ikona.  Up One Level – takes you to the parent folder of the current folder.
box with absolute file path – shows the full path to the folder on your computer that contains the files shown and lets you change or copy the file path. Right-click the file-path box to show a menu with the options Copy Path, Open Folder in Windows Explorer, Edit Path, and Add to Favorite Folders.
Ikona. Delete – deletes the selected file or files.
Ikona. New Folder – creates a new folder.
Ikona. Copy – copies the selected file or files. CutCopy To, and Move To functions are also available under the arrow next to this button.
Ikona. Paste – pastes a copied file or files.
Ikona. Rename – renames a single selected file. This button is not active when multiple files are selected.
Ikona. Batch Filter – applies one or more filters of your choice at once to one or more pictures at once.
Ikona. Variants – Creates a virtual variant of the selected picture.
Ikona. Add to Stack – Add pictures to a stack. Stacks group pictures together. Only available when two or more pictures are selected.
Ikona. Share – offers tools for sharing to other platforms.
Export button – creates a copy of the original file, into which all of a picture’s non-destructive changes are then applied.