Setup Preview Information

This window offers a full range of options for adjusting the information that is displayed for photos in different parts of the ZPS X interface.

Use the Configuration window to choose which part of the ZPS X interface is affected by the adjustments you make in this window. The available options are Manager – Single-picture Preview, Manager – Single-picture Full View, Manager – Multi-picture Preview, Manager – Multi-picture Full View, Develop – Single-picture Preview, Develop – Single-picture Full View, Develop – Multi-picture Preview, Develop – Multi-picture Full View, Viewer, and Slideshow.

For the preview background, you can change the color and indent (margin). If the Automatic checkbox is checked for the color, the background has a preset color based on the color set in Preferences | Appearance. After checking this box you can change the color to any other color you want.

If the Automatic box is checked for Indent, it uses the default value – 16. Manually adjusting this value either brings the picture’s margins closer to the edge of the available space or takes them farther.

With the Show Tooltip option active, you can add information to the tooltips—the info bubbles. Use the   icon to open a menu with several quick options that can be added to a tooltip. If the quick options are not enough, the last option, Edit Metadata Tokens, takes you to a window with expanded options for adding text based on pictures’ metadata.

The left part of the window has a rectangle representing the photograph the area around it. The options surrounding the rectangle change depending on which part of the interface you’re adjusting. In the Manager – Single-picture Preview, Viewer and Slideshow settings, “plus” icons appear above and below the rectangle; use these to add a new row. After adding a row you can set how many columns the row will have, that is, whether the row is divided into other separate segments. Each column’s contents can be edited separately. The maximum number of columns per row is three.

In the Manager – Single-picture Full View, Manager – Multi-picture Preview, Manager – Multi-picture Full View, Develop – Single-picture Preview, Develop – Multi-picture Full View,  Develop – Multi-picture Preview, and Develop – Multi-picture Full View options, you cannot add new rows; you can only edit the contents of the already-existing rows.

When you hover the mouse pointer over a row that you’ve created, four icons appear to the right of the row.
Ikona. – use this to change the number of columns in a row you’ve created.
Ikona. – use this to shift a row up one in the order.
Ikona. – use this to shift a row down one in the order.
Ikona. – deletes the whole row.

To edit a row’s contents, you must first click into one of its segments. This activates other options in the right part of the window.
The segment contents let you change the current contents or set the contents of an empty segment. Meanwhile the Ikona. button lets you once again make further adjustments using variable text. The other options adjust the element’s appearance – the text font, color and size, the text background etc.

The last option in the window is Preset. Use this function to name and save several configuration variants so you can easily switch among them as needed.